Theodore R. Wagner

Theodore R. Wagner

Illustrative Matters

  • Successfully represented fiduciaries in contested court proceedings, including will contests, a suit relating to usage of an island held in a trust, a proceeding to determine the validity of a right of election, cy pres proceedings, and contested accountings. 
  • Advised a family on the recapitalization of public corporation, then prepared shareholders’ agreement and family trust to hold and control company through “super-majority” voting stock held in the trust.
  • Advised executors in connection with the successful liquidation of large block of extremely thinly traded public securities. 
  • Represented family members in connection with the appointment of a conservator for an elderly relative, and the subsequent gifts to grantor retained income trusts for collateral relatives by the conservator under the “substituted judgment” doctrine. 
  • Represented fiduciaries in various will and trust construction proceedings. 
  • Advised family directors of private trust company on their power to use the adjustment provisions of the Uniform Principal and Income Act. 
  • Advised executors in connection with initial public offerings of stock, sales of individual artworks as well as art collections, sales of other assets including investment advisory businesses, horses, tracts of developed and undeveloped real property and motion picture and other literary rights.


  • B.A., 1964 Yale College
  • LL.B., 1967 Yale Law School

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