Alison M. Dreizen

Alison M. Dreizen

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Mergers and Acquisitions: Financial Institutions

  • Represented a large European banking and financial services leader in its sale of its US insurance business, its investment in a number of asset managers and its sale of a turnkey asset management program specialist, as well as in various aspects of a strategic alliance with a US-based investment manager.
  • Represented a Dutch bank in the sale of its global futures business.
  • Represented the infrastructure group of a major European bank in its acquisition of a container facility in the Port of Elizabeth
  • Represented the owner of a Russian investment bank in the sale thereof to management and a minority financial investor.
  • Represented a bank in the Netherlands in its acquisitions of a US company.
  • Represented a European-based bank in the purchase of numerous process-related businesses and the proposed sale of its US custody business.
  • Represented two large European banks in separate acquisitions of the offshore private clients business of a US bank.
  • Represented a US bank in the acquisition of two state-licensed banks.
  • Represented a multi-national insurance company in the establishment of an insurance business in Russia.
  • Represented a major US bank acting as financial advisor in the sale of nuclear power plants owned by Connecticut Light and Power.
  • Represented a Bermuda insurance company in the sale of run-off from insurance policies.
  • Represented a major US insurance company investing in debt and equity in leveraged buyouts involving a broad spectrum of industries including bottling companies, satellite companies, a ski resort and an animation company.
  • Represented a major US bank in the establishment of the first independent share registry in Russia.

Industrial Enterprises

  • Represented an Austrian-based manufacturer of pulp and paper machinery in many transactions including the purchase of a division from ABB, the purchase of a tooling facility from a family-owned business and the purchase of a division of a large Finnish manufacturing entity.
  • Represented a German-based manufacturer of furniture coating in the sale of its North American operations to a strategic investor.
  • Represented a public UK company in numerous purchases and sales or operators of fixed base operations, manufacturers of automotive parts, manufacturers of aircraft parts and manufacturers of industrial textiles.
  • Represented a French aeronautics company in a joint venture with a US public company to develop in-flight entertainment systems and in the sale of an avionics company to a private equity group.
  • Represented a major US industrial enterprise in the sale of its plastics business.

Private Equity Funds

  • Represented a private equity fund in numerous investments in start-up asset managers and fund managers, including structuring management companies, drafting management agreements and providing financing.
  • Represented a private equity fund in numerous investments in distribution facilities, home improvement businesses and a computer engineering business, among others.
  • Represented two Latin American-focused private equity funds in their investment into a Bahamian shipping company operating from Argentina.
  • Represented a Latin American-focused private equity fund in the creation of a shipping company focused in South America.
  • Represented a Russian private equity fund in its proposed investment into a Russian automotive plant.
  • Represented a US-based private equity fund in over ten investments in private Russian businesses in numerous sectors including technology, media and fishing.
  • Represented a Belgian-based investment fund in the proposed sale of a for-profit post-secondary education provider and in its participation in an investment fund focused on investing in the former Soviet Union.
  • Represented a US investment fund in its investment in an oil field services business in Kazakhstan.
  • Represented a Czech-based private investment fund in the purchase of shares of Gazprom and the purchase of a cement facility in Ukraine.
  • Represented a UK-based investment firm in the purchase and subsequent sale of the US portion of a manufacturer of industrial tools.
  • Represented a major private equity fund in the purchase of the majority interest in Russian radio stations.
  • Represented the Soros Fund in its investment in the largest Russian telephone company through a privatization tender and in loans to various Russian entities.
  • Represented a sovereign wealth fund in the potential purchase of a REIT owning office buildings in California.


  • Represented a Turkish-based private equity fund forming a joint venture to create a waste-to-energy facility in Nevada.
  • Represented a start-up entity possessing shale oil technology in various attempts to find investors.
  • Represented an engineering company in the purchase of an engineering firm focused on oil field development.
  • Represented the potential purchaser of a Moroccan power plant.
  • Represented an oil terminal company in the sale of an oil refinery.
  • Represented USX in its purchase of Marathon Oil. Transportation
  • Represented an Argentine shipping company in numerous capital raising transactions and joint ventures.
  • Represented a Greek shipping company in numerous investments.
  • Represented Blackstone in its purchase of the railroad assets of USX.
  • Represented GE Capital Aviation in leasing of aircraft to Aeroflot, Transaero and other CIS airlines.
  • Represented a major aircraft manufacturer in leasing of aircraft to numerous Russian airlines.

Project Finance

  • Represented a consortium with respect to the construction of a hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Represented the lenders in the financing of a power plant on an Army base in upstate New York.
  • Represented the lenders in the financing of a newspaper mill in Georgia.
  • Represented two steel companies, one US and one Korean, in the creation of a joint venture to build a steel rolling mill and finance the project.
  • Represented a French bank and a US bank as lenders and co-agents in the project financing of an oil exploration project in the Cameroons.
  • Represented the IFC in the project financing of a juice producing facility in Russia.

Pro Bono

  • Represented an organization that trains middle school girls in leadership skills through pet rescue in its formation and corporate matters.
  • Represented the New York branch of a national anti-addiction organization in its re-organization.
  • Advise The American Historical Association in various legal matters.

In addition, Ms. Dreizen has represented lenders in LBOs, acquisition financings, export financings and other transactions, and has experience in the real estate, pharmaceutical and health care sectors.

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  • B.A., 1974 Cornell University
  • J.D., 1977 Harvard Law School

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