G. Michael Bellinger

G. Michael Bellinger

Illustrative Matters

  • In 2016, represented the NYC Mayoral Administration in investigations conducted by the US Attorney for the Southern District of NY, the NYC Department of Investigation and the NYC Comptroller’s Office. All investigations were closed.
  • Won a summary judgment motion in the Southern District of New York in an employment matter alleging age discrimination by the insurer GEICO; the case was Pedi v. GEICO. The 2nd Circuit affirmed the decision of the District Court judge.
  • Co-counsel in a federal jury trial defending Consolidated Edison against allegations of gender, race and disability discrimination. The jury exonerated Con Ed on all counts.
  • Represented an executive of the Kiewit Construction Company investigated by the US Attorney for the Northern District of New York. The investigation was closed.
  • Defended a placement agent in the Hevesi pension fund prosecution by the New York Attorney General’s Office in which numerous individuals pleaded guilty to various felonies; Michael’s client was the sole defendant to plead guilty to a misdemeanor.
  • Represented the CEO and the corporation in a tax fraud investigation conducted by the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and the IRS. The investigation was closed.
  • Successfully cross-examined a police officer in the Bridgegate case.
  • Conducted an investigation at the request of the City of Mt. Vernon of a woman who died while awaiting arraignment in a Mt. Vernon, NY city jail. It was ultimately determined that the municipality should adopt certain preventative procedures to avoid a similar occurrence in the future.
  • Defended a U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company in an investigation by the United States Department of Justice involving alleged Foreign Corrupt Practice Act violations; this matter was resolved successfully without any government action against the company.
  • Represented a subcontractor in a wrongful termination matter against a prominent hospital in New York City; Michael negotiated a favorable, high six-figure settlement with the hospital.
  • Represented an individual in an investigation in the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s Office involving the CEO of a major New York hospital; Michael obtained immunity for this client.
  • Represented an individual in the Adelphia prosecution by the Southern District US Attorney’s Office; Michael obtained immunity for his client.
  • Defended an advisor of the New York State Governor during an investigation by the New York State Inspector General’s office for alleged improper influence with regard to the Cipriani franchise liquor license, which was reinstated despite a $10 million fine; Michael’s client was absolved of any wrongdoing.
  • Successfully defended a ranking Congressman in an “honest services” investigation by the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office.
  • Prosecuted a New York City corrections officer for assaulting a convicted murderer in his jail cell. The jury convicted, with full knowledge that the murderer killed a 99-year-old Rabbinical scholar by asphyxiating him with his yarmulke.
  • Prosecuted a New York City police officer for assaulting three civilians with a police car. The jury convicted.

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