Aaron R. Cahn

Aaron R. Cahn


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Additional Publications

  • “Indenture Trustee’s Dilemma: When to Seek Adequate Protection,” New York Law Journal, October 28, 2002
  • “What Bankruptcy Counsel Should Know About Commercial Liability Policies,” The Bankruptcy Strategist,” July 2001
  • “A Silver Lining for Unsecured Creditors: The Insurers,” The National Law Journal, February 19, 2001
  • “Insider Preferences and The Golden Parachute,” Leader’s Bankruptcy Strategist, July 2000
  • “How an Expansive Interpretation of §363(f)(5) Is Helping Debtors Sell Assets Free of Liens,” The Bankruptcy Strategist, January 2000
  • "How the 1999 Bankruptcy Bill Could Affect Reorganizations," Leader's Bankruptcy Strategist, October 1999
  • “Limiting Time to Assume Commercial Leases: What About Kleinsleep?,” The Bankruptcy Strategist, June 1999

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