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Many fine law firms state a wish to "partner" with their clients, but this usually means offering alternative billing arrangements or better communications links. This does not address the most frequent complaint about major law firms, that most work is handled by relatively inexperienced junior lawyers who are, in effect, trained at the expense of the firm's clients.

When Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP promises to be Partners for Your Business®, we mean a great deal more. Most importantly, an experienced partner will handle a client's legal affairs, large and small, with the assistance of well-trained associates and paralegals for appropriate portions of the work. About half of our 90 lawyers are partner/counsel level. Our clients have direct access to the partners responsible for work on their matters. In our office, no client and no matter is too small to receive the attention of an experienced partner delivering the highest quality of legal and business advice.

Our partners are much more than excellent legal practitioners-they also provide clients with valuable business counsel derived from years of relevant experience. The firm's vast contact base allows us to introduce our clients to people who frequently can advance the client's interest; including prospective business partners, customers, sources of financing, investment bankers, consultants and other useful contacts worldwide. Like any good partner, we look for opportunities to add value for our clients beyond the legal work we are retained to deliver.

Where appropriate to a client's circumstances, flexible billing arrangements also constitute part of our partnering commitment. For early stage business clients, including rapidly growing new media, telecommunications and technology clientele, this may take the form of equity-based fee arrangements creating a direct partnering relationship.

We measure our success by the success of our clients. That's what it means to have the partners of Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP as Partners for Your Business®.

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