Diversity Committee Mission Statement

The Firm recognizes that the unique experiences, skills and perspectives of attorneys from a variety of backgrounds, including those from different genders, gender identities, races, nationalities, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, marital status and physical or mental abilities, strengthen our organization and help us provide the most effective legal representation for our clients. The Firm is committed to the recruitment, retention and advancement of lawyers from all backgrounds, and works to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The Committee’s mission is to facilitate the fulfillment of the Firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by focusing on the following areas: (A) identification and mitigation of bias; (B) promotion of diversity and fostering of inclusion within the Firm; and (C) engagement with the legal community at large regarding matters of diversity and inclusion.

A. Identification and Mitigation of Bias: The Committee broadly defines the term “bias” to mean unfair prejudice regarding any person or group. This includes implicit bias or bias that exists in the absence of malicious intent. While the Committee does not serve as a forum for adjudicating disputes, it will seek to identify and mitigate the harmful effects of bias by:

i. serving as a resource for any attorney seeking information relating to bias and/or diversity and inclusion;

ii. providing guidance and recommendations regarding Firm policies or practices to help mitigate bias and improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace;

iii. engaging experts to provide Firm-wide educational opportunities and training programs on issues of diversity, inclusion and bias; and

iv. providing a forum for the discussion of issues involving diversity, inclusion or bias, and fostering regular and clear communication within the Firm regarding such issues.

B. Promotion of Diversity within the Firm: The Committee will support the Firm’s efforts to attract, retain, and promote the professional development of attorneys of all backgrounds by actively creating relationship-building, targeted mentorship, and networking opportunities for diverse attorneys.

C. Engaging with the Legal Community: The Committee will facilitate the Firm’s engagement with the legal community at large regarding matters of diversity and inclusion by facilitating and supporting attorney participation in programs, forums and discussions relating to such issues.

Affinity Groups at CL&M

Our Affinity Groups (Minority and Women’s Affinity Groups) meet regularly and have sponsored luncheons with various speakers, including:

  • Douglas Chia, Corporate Secretary and Assistant General Counsel at Johnson & Johnson
  • Don Liu, General Counsel of Xerox Corporation, recipient of the City Bar's 2012 Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award
  • Michelle Rhee, Associate General Counsel at Bank of America Corporation
  • Sandra Leung, General Counsel of Bristol-Meyers Squibb
  • Parkin Lee, Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of The Rockefeller Group International, Inc.
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Lateral Recruiting (Counsel and Partner)

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