Pro Bono

Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP encourages all lawyers, including first year and summer associates, to handle pro bono matters focused in all areas of the Firm's practice. A partner is in charge of each pro bono matter. Cases are worked on during regular business hours and are treated with the same care as regular clients' matters and hours worked on such projects are accounted for in the same way as work on paying clients matters. Projects include regular corporate tax and other legal services for not-for-profit entities; prosecuting criminal appeals for the District Attorney's office; and representing pro se plaintiffs in the Eastern and Southern Federal District Courts. Some of the organizations that receive on-going pro bono assistance from the Firm include New York Lawyers for the Public Interest; New York County District Attorneys Appeals Program; Legal Aid, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and Eastern and Southern United States District Courts.


June Chotoo
Director of Recruitment and Attorney Development
Associate Recruiting

Stephen M. Plotnick
Lateral Recruiting (Counsel and Partner)

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