Intellectual Property partner Keith D. Nowak was featured in the The Am Law Daily April 10, 2009 article "A Long Journey for Boeing's Lawyers in Case Against NASA." Mr. Nowak, one of the lead lawyers for Boeing, had a nine year journey with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims to decide a patent infringement case Boeing filed against NASA. "You're suing the government," Nowak says. "It's a slow process." The case involved, in the 1990s, an aluminum-lithium hybrid created by Boeing that could be used in a framing device around an exterior gas tank on space shuttles and other aircraft. Beoing licensed the technology to several partners, but not to Lockheed Martin, which was partnering with NASA to build similar material. Beoing discovered that Lockheed was infringing on its patent and offered Lockheed a licensing deal.  Lockheed told Beoing to take it up with NASA who, in 2000, denied it was infringing. The judge ruled for Boeing in the amount of $16 million, which doesn't include interest. Mr. Nowak was happy with the outcome and said he enjoyed his journey, "It was certainly a long case."

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