The No. 7 Subway Line Extension Forges Ahead

Carter Ledyard, acting as Special Condemnation Counsel to the City of New York, together with attorneys from the Corporation Counsel’s Office and from the Hudson Yards Development Corporation, represented the City of New York in connection with the City’s acquisition, by eminent domain, of temporary and permanent easements necessary to construct a 5-story vent building and vent shaft as part of the No. 7 Subway Line Extension – Hudson Yards Project in Manhattan. The easements will allow the MTA to construct a vent building on the site which building has been designed to accommodate erection of a new residential building adjacent to, and partially resting on, the vent building.
The acquisition is unique since it combines carefully negotiated preservation of the owner’s right to develop its site with the City’s acquisition by eminent domain of limited scope easements necessary for the new subway. The City, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Hudson Yards Development Corporation worked collaboratively with the property owner to design and locate the subway improvements so as to facilitate future development utilizing the full development potential of the site. Although agreement was reached on the easement terms and descriptions, compensation to be paid by the City has been preserved for later agreement or resolution by the Court.
Litigation partner John R. Casolaro, litigation associate Chlo├ę D. Coravos, and Assistant Corporation Counsel Rochelle Cohen represented the City in the condemnation proceeding. David Farber, General Counsel to HYDC, represented HYDC in the transaction. 

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