Carter Ledyard and inMotion Provide Pro Bono Legal Services

CL&M recently joined with inMotion, a nonprofit organization providing free legal services to women in need, to assist victims of domestic violence in completing U Non-Immigrant Visa petitions. U nonimmigrant status allows the crime victim and family members to remain lawfully in the US in nonimmigrant status for up to 4 years, and also, with certain conditions, grants U nonimmigrants the right to apply for and obtain Lawful Permanent Residence after 3 years in U nonimmigrant status. Importantly, a U nonimmigrant may be granted employment authorization while a U nonimmigrant status petition is pending.
Bhavna Agnihotri, Bryce C. Bernards, Melissa J. Erwin, Christine A. Fazio, Katherine A. Mirett, Andriy R. Pazuniak, Catherine B. Sheehy, and Natalie F. Wilmore are currently advising four women and helping them complete the various documents required to file their U Non-Immigrant Visa petitions.

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