Michael Shapiro Quoted by Bloomberg and Fox Business

In the wake of the widely publicized federal indictment of SAC Capital, co-chair of CL&M’s white collar practice, Michael Shapiro, was quoted by both Bloomberg and Fox Business. Bloomberg’s website ran the following: “Michael Shapiro, the co-chair of the white-collar defense practice at Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP in New York, said a conviction of SAC may lead to “enormous fines and potentially ruinous amounts of restitution” from the firm.
Prosecutors may seek billions of dollars from Cohen’s personal fortune by claiming in the criminal case and their civil forfeiture lawsuit that he “co-mingled” illegal profits from insider trading with other assets he legitimately earned, Shapiro said.
“His house, his art -- they can go after that,” Shapiro said.
After interviewing Mr. Shapiro Fox Business included in its coverage that “Michael Shapiro, a partner at Carter Ledyard & Milburn and former New York special assistant attorney general, predicted Cohen will ultimately be indicted himself “if the government gets one or more people who will point the finger at Steve Cohen.”

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