Mary Joan Hoene Quoted by The Hedge Fund Law Report

Corporate counsel Mary Joan Hoene was quoted in The Hedge Fund Law Report’s two part article series “Getting to Know the Gatekeepers: How Hedge Fund Managers Can Interface with Investment Consultants to Access Institutional Capital.” According to Ms. Hoene, “Many consultants have developed their own databases that track a manager’s performance and other relevant data points, such as assets under management, portfolio manager tenure and strategy information.” Hoene continued, “Hedge fund managers generally want to be part of a recognized hedge fund database that can track them, evaluate them and report their performance correctly. That’s a radar screen they want to be on because then they will get on the radar screen of the consultants.”
With regards to the appearance of impropriety when giving gifts to consultants, Ms. Hoene commented, “I would advise managers to look for familial relationships between the consultant and the pension fund. That’s a red flag. You want to be clean on these things because there is too much risk if there is a pay to play violation.”

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