Robert A. McTamaney Quoted in Forbes

Corporate partner Robert A. McTamaney was quoted in the August 14 Forbes article “DOJ’s Opening Shot On American/USAir Merger May Be Last One.” According to McTamaney, “The DOJ has this one absolutely wrong” “The essential question, he said, is whether American/USAir would have the power to dictate prices any more than the two airlines operating separately.” “’They have to have a pricing power that can’t be answered by other competitors,” McTamaney told me, and given the portability of airliners and ease of jumping into and out of markets, that’s not likely. Under Section 7 of the Clayton Act, he said, the government has to show that the new airline would have the power to resist competition from at least one of its ‘substantial competitors,’ and that’s not likely to happen here with three major international carriers and Southwest.”

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