Christopher Rizzo Quoted on Law 360 Regarding Landmarks Law Debate

Environmental Practice Group Co-Director Christopher Rizzo was quoted in Law 360’s September 22 article “4 Issues To Watch In NYC’s Landmarks Law Debate.”  Chris discussed the City Council’s controversial proposal to impose a five-year moratorium on reconsideration of proposed landmarks and landmark districts.  He stated that the proposal gives opposing property owners “an incentive to delay, to lobby, to drag their feet to wait out the one-year or two-year” window in which the Landmarks Preservation Commission will have to act on a landmark proposal.  Chris also highlighted a compromise that a number of landmark advocates have proposed, “[which is] not specific deadlines, but instead that [the Commissioners] have to reaffirm the calendaring of the district on an annual basis or semi-annual basis.”  NYC Local Law 775 remains under review by the Council’s land use committee.

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