Carter Ledyard Client's Patent Infringement Suit Reinstated by Federal Circuit

On January 23, 2017, the Federal Circuit vacated a Texas district court ruling that two companies sued for patent infringement by a Carter Ledyard client did not infringe on a health supplement patent. The Appeals Court held that the lower court erroneously granted summary judgment when it misinterpreted the key term “oxidizing” in the patent. The Federal Circuit found that the claim limitation was not precise, and found that there is a dispute of material fact regarding whether the two defendants actually infringed on the client's patent. Carter Ledyard attorneys William F. Sondericker, Keith D. Nowak, Gerald W. Griffin, Theodore Y. McDonough, and Elaine Nguyen worked with Texas co-counsel Robert Bowick Jr. of Raley & Bowick on the case. Mr. Nowak argued the Federal Circuit appeal.

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