Robert Zito Speaks to the New York Times About Jury Preferences

Litigation partner Robert J.A. Zito was quoted in the July 19, 2017 New York Times article “In Juries, Lawyers Now Favor the Uninformed.” The article focused on the elimination of knowledgeable jurors for the Martin Shkreli’s fraud trial. “And not all lawyers today look for jurors who are coming to a case with little knowledge of the subject matter. Asked about how he would pick jurors for Mr. Shkreli’s trial, Robert J. A. Zito, a longtime white-collar defense lawyer who will soon become a professor at Marist College, said, “I would want financial people on the jury, because the underlying transactions are very complicated.” “One problem with Mr. Shkreli is how much people seem to dislike him,” Mr. Zito said, “and that could sway jurors who know little about finance. The judge is going to give them a jury instruction that’s going to go on for hours, people’s eyes are going to glaze over,” he said, whereas “people who are more sophisticated are going to be able to say, ‘O.K., we don’t like him but look at what the evidence is.’”

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