Less than One Week Left to Apply for a .TEL Domain Name during Sunrise Period

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January 27, 2009
The private registration deadline for trademark holders to secure a .TEL second-level domain for registered trademarks ( is February 2, 2009. The .TEL domain name can act as a hub and offer contact information, keywords, and links for quick consumer access to information and websites within your brand family. Businesses interested in providing contact information and website links quickly and efficiently to consumers should read on. 
Assuming the .TEL top-level domain becomes a popular venue for consumers, the features available may be helpful for brand owners. For example, the opportunity to post keywords may allow for advanced search-engine exposure, while one-stop viewing of a brand’s contact information and family of websites may increase brand loyalty and sales. Telnic, the organization behind .TEL, has prepared a sample webpage at 
The brand owner may also consider registering with .TEL as a defensive measure to prevent cybersquatting. The Sunrise period offers trademark owners the opportunity to apply for a domain name in the form of their registered trademark before the general public, in the hopes that early registration will prevent potential domain name disputes down the road. (Only those marks with a USPTO application date prior to May 30, 2008 are permitted.) Brand owners not able to register before the February 2, 2009 deadline may also apply during the Landrush (premium price) and general registration period. 
Those interested in additional .TEL information, assistance registering for a .TEL domain, or help with any other domain name or trademark matter, can contact one of Carter Ledyard & Milburn’s trademark and copyright attorneys below.
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