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We currently are not recruiting law students for the summer of 2020. Recruiting for entry level or lateral associate positions is being conducted on an “as needed” basis.

Summer and Unassigned Associate Programs

The firm's permanent hiring needs are primarily satisfied each year through its summer program. The program is usually 8 to 12 weeks long, with some flexibility allowing for at least a minimum of eight weeks. Summer associates usually share an office with a first-year associate. The firm hosts a variety of events for summer associates, including a firm cocktail party, firm summer dinner, sports and cultural events.

Rather than a formal rotation system, during the summer one partner supervises the summer associates to ensure that each has full opportunity to work on a variety of assignments in different firm practice areas with as many lawyers in the office as possible. A summer associate's desire for particular work is respected, and accommodated where practical. In addition, summer associates who would like to spend two weeks with a pro bono organization during the summer may do so through the Firm's affiliation with New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. Participating associates will be paid the regular salary during such internships.

Typically, all of our summer associates have received offers to return as permanent associates, and a majority of those receiving offers have joined CL&M either after graduation or following a judicial clerkship.

As a general policy, entry-level lawyers are not formally assigned to a particular department for at least a year. Departmental assignments are based on the associate's concentration desires and the firm's staffing needs.  By that time, each new lawyer has gained legal experience in all areas of our practice, has worked with many of the partners and associates, and thus has acquired the basis on which to make an informed decision regarding concentration. Our policy is flexible and will not prevent an associate from concentrating at an earlier date if he or she is eager to do so. Each lawyer is expected to assume considerable responsibility early in his or her career; responsibilities increase as rapidly as the lawyer demonstrates an ability to handle them. The firm emphasizes training for both the regular associates and summer associates, including frequent conferences on associates' legal work and an active program of accredited in-firm continuing legal education classes.

Associates receive formal evaluations twice each year. Written reviews are solicited from each partner, counsel and senior associate with whom an associate has worked.

Our current compensation for first-year associates is $135,000.  In addition, we will reimburse incoming associates up to $5,000 for bar expenses. First-year associates also are eligible for a merit bonus following the completion of one year at the firm. Additional incentive compensation is paid for business development.


June Chotoo
Director of Recruitment and Attorney Development
Associate Recruiting

Stephen M. Plotnick
Lateral Recruiting (Counsel and Partner)

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