Pamela Mann Quoted on NPR Re: Trump Foundation Legal Violation

Carter Ledyard Tax-Exempt Organizations chair Pamela A. Mann was interviewed by Joel Rose on October 3 on NPR’s All Things Considered for its segment “New York Attorney General: Trump Charitable Foundation Violated The Law” about the New York Attorney General’s demand that the Trump Foundation immediately cease soliciting charitable contributions. 

Asked to comment on the Trump campaign’s statement that the Attorney General’s action was politically motivated, Pamela A. Mann, a former head of the New York State Charities Bureau, said the Attorney General’s office is “kind of damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they move quickly, they’re opening themselves up for argument that they’re doing it with the election in mind, but if they don’t pursue something that’s obviously illegal, that could be seen as political as well.” 

Listen to the NPR audio file.

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