Combatting Hunger in New York City

Carter Ledyard & Milburn is pleased to announce the successful completion of our fundraising drive for the Food Bank for New York City, one of the largest distributors of free meals in the City. According to data from the Mayor’s office, the economic crisis and closures triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have driven the number of New York City residents facing food insecurity from about 1,000,000 to 2,000,000—many of whom are senior citizens and children who depended on now-closed centers and schools for meals. The Food Bank is working to bridge that gap with mobile delivery of food, pick-up centers and more. We had set a goal of $10,000 by June 1 and are pleased to report that we have raised over $16,000 so far. For more details, please visit The firm looks forward to resuming its regular volunteer days with the Food Bank soon.

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